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The ShenFoods Story

Shen Food Packaging Company is a Nigerian based registered company created to help with the demand for food in the country by producing food stuffs and distributing. It is purely Nigerian as all production process from raw materials to finished products is carried out in Nigeria.

Shen Rice is one of the product of Shen Food Packaging Company. Our raw materials (paddy) is gotten from Nigerian farms. Shen Food Packaging Company handles production of types of rice always in demand in the Nigeria market from long grain parboiled rice to short grains and “tuwo’ rice. They are produced in sizes of 50kg,25kg, 10kg and 1kg. Shen Food Packaging Company has a staff strength of 30people. The staff members are all professional and have one common goal which is to satisfy customer needs to the fullest.


To be one of the most renowned Food Production and Distribution companies in Nigeria 


To empower farmers in the rural areas nationwide to be able to expand their farming activities and help develop the standard of living of the rural populace while helping the food production in Nigeria.


  • Farming processes to produce the raw materials for processing
  • Harvesting and putting together the raw materials needed and same moved to the factory.
  • Processing of the raw materials into finished goods.
  • Packaging and Distribution.
Exactly How It Was

CEOs Statement

Rural development has been the preoccupation of many developing countries for a long time because the overwhelming majority of the people in these countries, live and find their livelihood in the rural areas. Also, a large proportion of the national income is derived from rural areas as a result of direct economic activities of the rural populace.

 In Nigeria, prior to the advent of oil as the major income source, primary product played very important role as economic bedrock of the nation. In the realization of the above facts, various Nigerians governments adopted different development strategies in order to bring transformation to the rural areas. One of such strategies adopted was the establishment of River basin and Rural development Authorities. The lower and upper Benue River basins and Rural development Authorities, just like other River basin in the nation were established by the Federal Government of Nigeria to bring development to their host communities through the employment opportunities, augmenting income of rural dwellers and provision of social amenities.

 The Organization thus embarked on programs and projects to boost agricultural production through mechanization and the development of water resources potentials of the nation. These function entailed direct agricultural production, construction of dams, dykes, polders drilling of boreholes for portable water supply and construction of rural roads, bridges and so to link project sites.

 Rural development involves effecting improvements in living standards of farmers and rural populace in general. It constitutes a process of planned change for which the one approach or the other is adopted for improvement and/or transformation of the lot of the rural populace. This is the true main reason why Shen Food Packaging was set up.

 Our operational base is in Shendam, a village in Plateau State at the outskirts of Jos. This location of our industry was to help empower the farmers within that region by buying their farm produce which serves as raw materials to us. They have had to expand their farms to be able to supply our needs and these have been made possible by our investment in their business activities. We have also been be able to provide employment opportunities for the region’s populace to work in our factory.


Our rice mill in Shendam has kicked off operations since 2018 and has all the facilities in place to run effectively. We have staff strength of 30 and three offsite sales point located in JoS, Abuja, Lagos.

S. Uzoama, CEO ShenFoods
Key Officers

The Paddies of ShenFoods

Fresh, seasonal, organic

Eat clean.
Eat organic.

Our maiden product, Shen Rice has had its factory inspected from officials of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) and National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration Control (NAFDAC). 

Our Outlets

Find Us at The Following Addresses


12 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi Abuja


19 Ibrahim Taiwo , Mangoro, Jos .


30, Adeyemi Akakpo Street, Omole Estate, Ikeja , Lagos.


Customers about our company

I am a lover of rice and eat rice almost everyday of my life so imagine my joy when I heard from a colleague of a brand of rice with less starch and perfect for all ages. ShenRice is perfect

Samson Aboh

Samson Aboh

As one who is quite picky with meals and didn’t particularly enjoy rice for the starchy content, I was pretty excited when I stumbled upon ShenRice at a friend’s dinner and then I knew that I had found ‘the rice’

Ngohile Adom

Ngohile Adom

I decided to try ShenRIce and I marveled about how locally manufactured rice could have such fine texture and length and still taste so good. Needless to say I haven’t been able to try another rive since

Seyitan Teidi

Seyitan Teidi